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Give Your Clients the Vacation They Want, and Make the Profit You Want

The travel affiliate who knows how to plan a multi-country European vacation is the affiliate who will open the door to the most profitable clients. These high-value vacations promise the best profits. To pocket these, you’ll need to provide the best value – and that means price and quality.

In this article, we’ll look at how our affiliates increase their repeat business and referrals by being the go-to resource for people planning vacations in Europe.

Establish what the client wants

Ensure that you discover what your client wants from their European travels. Ask them about their likes and dislikes, and find out which countries and cities they want to visit. Whatever their budget, if you secure the best value accommodation and flights you’ll get the booking – and the profits.

Draft an itinerary

With a list of destinations, you can begin the work of searching for the best value accommodation and flights. Move from country to country, and within each country consider the different locations that your client wants to visit. You may need to get the map out and decide whether travel is best taken in one country at a time, or to hop from country to country before returning to the European entry destination for flights home.

Consider internal transport

How will your client travel from their hotel to attractions, and from one city to another, or one country to another? Let’s say your client wants to visit Paris and Disneyland Paris, before travelling to Rome to breath in the history of the Colosseum and the exquisite Vatican City. Will rail travel from a city center hotel in Paris to Disneyland Paris be followed by an internal flight to Rome?

Book flights

With your client’s outline plans in place, now is the time to search for international and internal flights. As an affiliate of Up and Away, you’ll have access to incredible savings by leveraging our status as an air consolidator. Our relationships with several of the major airlines allow us to offer flight prices up to 70% below published fares.

These incredible prices don’t mean you’re buying restricted air tickets (a problem you may have dealing with other ‘bargain price’ providers). In fact, most of our tickets are both refundable and/or transferrable.


Book accommodation

With the best value flights located and booked, now it’s time to search for ideal accommodation for your client. A little research will find the best type of accommodation in the best locations for your client. You might want to mix and match accommodation, between city center hotels to out-of-town vacation rentals.

Add insurance to the sale

As soon as the air tickets and accommodation are booked, upsell on travel insurance. It’s a major vacation, and a major spend. Insurance will ensure that if something does go wrong, your client will be covered. Make sure that the insurance covers the client’s medical and travel issues.

Stay in touch, and get referrals

Finally, stay in touch with your client. Make sure that they attend to all the last-minute details and that paperwork is received on time. Remind them to confirm with their cell phone provider that they will be able to use their phone abroad. Go the extra mile and provide a ‘close down’ list of things they should do before they leave on an extended trip abroad.

When they return, call them to check on their vacation. Ask for referrals and a testimonial for your website.


At Up and Away, we’ve got more than three decades of experience in the travel industry and sourcing the cheapest flights for our affiliates. We’re a selected AMEX representative, and our reputation and expertise is second to none.

Contact us today and we’ll be pleased to discuss the full range of our services, as well as our pricing and commissions structure.

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